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CHG 4244 – Plant Design Project

A study of the engineering aspects involved in the development of an industrial plant. Capital and manufacturing cost estimates. Safety in design. Feasibility survey. Engineering design and specification. Plant layout and location. Students will work in small groups to produce a process design and economic evaluation of a complete industrial plant.

CHG 3111 – Unit Operation

Design of industrial equipment for evaporation, drying, humidification, absorption and stripping in plate and packed towers, distillation, liquid-liquid extraction and adsorption.

CHG 3112 – Process Synthesis, Design and Economics

Flowsheet synthesis. Design and scheduling of batch processes. Synthesis of reactor networks, separation systems, and heat-exchange networks. Equipment sizing and costing. Flowsheet optimization. Chemical engineering simulator (UniSim).

CHG2312 – Fluid Flow

Application of fluid flow principles to the solution of engineering problems. Macroscopic mass, momentum, and energy balances. Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, compressible and incompressible fluids. Friction factors and Reynolds number for flow in conduits, around submerged objects, in packed beds and porous media. Fluidization, Flow measurement and dimensional analysis.

CHG4359 – Particulate and Multiphase Systems

Presentation of the principal elements in the design of various commercially important particulate processes including particle characterization. Design and operation of units including packed beds, fluidized beds, filters, cyclones, and thickener/clarifiers.