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Papers in refereed Journals (54 total):

Pilechi, A., Mohammadian, M., Rennie, C.D., Zhu, D. An efficient method for coupling field data and numerical modeling for the estimation of a transverse mixing coefficient in meandering rivers, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE), accepted, Oct 2015.

Zare, S.G.A., Moore, S.A., Rennie, C.D., Seidou, O., Ahmari, H., Malenchak, J. Boundary shear stress in an ice covered river during break-up. J. Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE), accepted, July 2015.

Tilston, M., Arnott, W., Rennie, C.D., Long, B. The influence of grain size on the velocity and concentration profiles and depositional record of turbidity currents, Geology, 43(9):839-842, doi:10.1130/G37069.1, 2015.

Ferguson, R., Church, M., Rennie, C.D., Venditti, J.G., Reconstructing a sediment pulse: modeling the effect of placer mining on Fraser River, Canada.. J. Geophysical Research – Earth Surface, accepted May 2015.

Gaskin, J., Rennie, C., Coyle, D. Reducing Periconceptional Methylmercury Exposure:  Cost-Utility Analysis for a Proposed Screening Program for Women Planning a Pregnancy in Ontario, Canada. Environmental Health Perspectives, 123(12):1337-1344, 2015.

Ferguson, S., Rennie, C.D. Comment on “A mechanistic model linking insect (Hydropsychidae) silk nets to incipient sediment motion in gravel-bedded streams” by Lindsey K. Albertson, Leonard S. Sklar, Patricia Pontau, Michelle Dow, and Bradley J. Cardinale.  J. Geophysical Research – Earth Surface, in press, May 2015.

Venditti, J.G., Domarad, N., Church, M., Rennie, C.D., Sediment dynamics through an abrupt gravel-sand transition. J. Geophysical Research -Earth Surface, accepted, April 2015.

Weiss, A., Clark, S.P., Rennie, C.D., Moore, S.A., Ahmari, H. Estimation of total suspended solids concentration from aDcp backscatter and hydraulic measurements. Journal of Hydraulic Research, accepted, July 2015.

Williams, R.D., Rennie, C.D., Brasington, J., Hicks, M., Vericat, D. Within-event spatially distributed bedload: linking fluvial sediment transport to morphological change, J. Geophysical Research – Earth Surface, 120, 604–622, doi:10.1002/2014JF003346.,  2015.

Bomhof, J., Rennie, C.D., Jenkinson, R.W. Use of Local Soil and Vegetation Classifications to Improve Regional Downstream Hydraulic Geometry Relations, J. Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE) 141(5):04014090,  DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)HY.1943-7900.0000978, 2015.  Selected as SmartBrief of the month.

Venditti, J., G., Rennie, C.D., Bomhof, J., Bradley, R.W., Little, M., Church, M. Flow in a bedrock canyon.  Nature, DOI:10.1038/nature13779, September 25, 2014.

Pilechi, A., Rennie, C.D., Mohammadian, M., Zhu, D. In situ field measurements of transverse dispersion of a wastewater effluent in an extended natural meandering river reach, Journal of Hydraulic Research, Accepted, May 2014

R.D. Williams, R.D., Brasington, J., Hicks, M., Measures, R., Rennie, C.D, Vericat, D. Hydraulic validation of two-dimensional simulations of braided river flow with spatially continuous aDcp data, Water Resources Research, 49:5183–5205, doi:10.1002/wrcr.20391, 2013.

Constantinescu, G., Kashyap, S., Tokay, T., Rennie, C.D., Townsend, R.D. Hydrodynamics Processes and Sediment Erosion Mechanisms in an Open Channel Bend of Strong Curvature with Deformed Bathymetry, J. Geophys. Res. – Earth Surface, 118(2):480-496, doi:10.1002/jgrf.20042, 2013

Orendorff, B., Nistor, I., Al-Riffai, M., Rennie, C.D., Breach Outflow Characteristics of Non-cohesive Embankment Dams Subject to Blast, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 40(3):243-253, DOI: 10.1139/cjce-2012-0303, 2013.

Jamieson, E.C., Ruta, M.A., Rennie, C.D., Townsend, R.D. Monitoring stream barb performance in a semi-alluvial meandering channel: Flow field dynamics and morphology, Ecohydrology, DOI: 10.1002/eco.1370, 2013

Ashmore, P.E., Rennie, C.D. Gravel-bed rivers: particles to patterns.  Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 38(2):217-220,  DOI: 10.1002/esp.3361, 2013.

Jamieson, E.C., Rennie, C.D., Townsend, R.D. Turbulence and vorticity in a laboratory channel bend at equilibrium clear-water scour with and without stream barbs (submerged groynes), Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE), 139(3):259-268, 2013.

Kachwal, L.K., Yanful, E.K., Rennie, C.D., A semi-empirical approach for estimation of bed shear stress in a tailings pond. Environmental Earth Sciences, 66(3):823-834, DOI: 10.1007/s12665-011-1292-5 , 2012.

Parker, G.T., Droste, R.L., and Rennie, C.D. Coupling Model Uncertainty for Coupled Rainfall/Runoff and Surface Water Quality Models in River Problems. Ecohydrology, DOI: 10.1002/eco.1308, 2012

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Chapters in Books

Jochen Aberle, Vladimir Nikora, Colin D. Rennie, (2012), “Evolution of Environmental Hydraulic Instrumentation and Experimental Methods”, in Hydraulic Structures Equipment and Water Data Acquisition System,[Eds.Jan Malan Jordaan, Alexander Bell],in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems(EOLSS), Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO, Eolss Publishers, Oxford ,UK, [] [Retrieved] December 17, 2012]

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Gaskin, J. Rennie, C.D. (2010) “Measurement of fluvial bedload with an aDcp” subchapter of “Surrogate Technologies for Monitoring Bed-Load Transport in Rivers” J. Gray and J. Gartner (eds.), in Sedimentology of Aqueous Systems, Wiley & Blackwell.

Ramooz, R., Rennie, C.D., (2010) “Laboratory measurement of bedload with an ADCP”, in, Gray, J.R., Laronne, J.B., and Marr, J.D.G, Bedload-surrogate monitoring technologies: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5091, available online at:

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