Department Chair and Professor

The Department of Civil Engineering

Graduate Student Projects

Alexandre Mineault-Guitard (M.A.Sc., in progress)

Hydrological model optimization

Sanaz Merzhad (Ph.D., in progress)

Pier scour due to a hydraulic bore in a channel constriction

Co-supervisor Ioan Nistor

Liyu Chen (M.A.Sc., in progress)

Hydrodynamics of a stormwater pond subject to hydrogen sulfide production

Co-supervisor Robert Delatolla

Liyu Chen

Saber Ansari (M.A.Sc., in progress)

River ice dynamics determined from time series photo analysis

Co-supervisor Ousmane Seidou

Sean Ferguson (M.A.Sc., in progress)

Hydraulic geometry and habitat availability in semi-alluvial bedrock controlled rivers


Soheil Gharehaghaji Zare (Ph.D., in progress)

“Influence of ice processes on sediment transport”

Co-supervisor Ousmane Seidou

Soheil Zare

Ivana Vouk (M.A.Sc., in progress)

“Field and numerical investigation of mixing of nitrogen constituents”

Co-supervisors Robert Delatolla and Majid Mohammadian

Abolghasem (Vahid) Pilechi (Ph.D., in progress)

“Numerical and field study of thermal saline plume dispersion”

Co-supervisor Majid Mohammadian

Matthew Ruta (M.A.Sc., in progress)

Evaluating success of stream restoration in Sawmill Creek”

Co-supervisor Ronald Townsend

Alexandra Lavictoire (M.A.Sc., in progress)

Scour due to a hydraulic bore

Co-supervisor Ioan Nistor

Hicham (Sam) Salem (Ph.D., in progress)

Fluvial erodibility of cohesive soils

Parna Parsapour (Ph.D., in progress)

Morphyodynamic-habitat modelling in a cohesive clay-bed meandering river

Stephanie Moore (Post-doc, 2012-14)

Multifrequency acoustic estimation of suspended sediment in the ice-covered Nelson River

Co-supervisor Ousmane Seidou

Stephanie Moore

James Bomhof (M.A.Sc., 2014)

Defining regions for regional downstream hydraulic geometry equations

Jimmy Ly (M.A.Sc., 2014).

Physical modelling of pier scour in a constricting channel

Jim notice 3

Andrew Weiss (M.A.Sc., University of Manitoba, 2012)

The use of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Technology for the quantification of total suspended solids

Co-supervisor Shawn Clark

Shalini Kashyap (Ph.D., 2012).

“A 3-D numerical study of flow, coherent structures, and mechanisms leading to scour in a high curvature 135° channel bend with and without submerged groynes”

Co-supervisor Ronald Townsend


Elizabeth Jamieson (Ph.D., 2011).

“The role of vorticity, turbulence and three-dimensional flow structure on the development of scour”

Co-supervisor Ronald Townsend

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