Professor and Vice-Dean Graduate Studies

Department of Civil Engineering


Research Interests

  • Main Field: Coastal Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Hydraulic Structures
  • Coastal Engineering: Surf Zone Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport, Extreme Hydrodynamic Forces on Structures, Coastal Structures, Tsunamis
  • Hydraulic Structures: Dam Engineering, Analysis of Dam Safety and Security, Numerical and Physical Modelling of Dam Breaching

Post-Tsunami Forensic Engineering Missions

2011 ASCE Post-Tsunami Forensic Engineering Field Survey in City of Onagawa, Japan

2011 Japan Tohoku Tsunami, Post-Tsunami Field Survey, Eastern Tohoku coast, April 2011

2010 Chile Tsunami, Post-Tsunami Field Survey, March 2010

2011-2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Post-Tsunami Field Survey, Thailand (Phuket and Khao-Lak) and Indonesia (Banda Aceh), January 2005

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