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Dr. Ioan NISTOR is a Professor of Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering and Vice-Dean Graduate studies of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ottawa. Dr. Nistor is a coastal and hydraulic engineer researching hazards associated with extreme hydrodynamic and debris loading on infrastructure (tsunami impact on infrastructure, extreme wave and flood forces on structures, dam failure phenomena, etc.) and he is the Past Chair of the Maritime and Coastal Division of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Coastal Science and Engineering Association. He is also a voting member of the new ASCE7 Subcommittee for the elaboration of New Design Guidelines for Tsunami-Resistant Buildings. He is also a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE).

Dr. Nistor is also an Associate Editor of the Journal of Waterways, Ports, Coastal and Ocean Engineering (ASCE-USA), of the Coastal Engineering Journal (JSCE – Japan) and of the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering (CSCE-Canada). He is the winner of several research and teaching awards: 2010 Award of the Tsunami International Society, 2010 Excellence in Education Award of the University of Ottawa, 2009 John V. Marsh Teaching Award of the Faculty of Engineering, 2005 Ontario Ministry for Infrastructure Renewal.

Dr. Nistor started his academic career in the Faculty of Hydrotechnical Engineering of the Technical University of Iasi, Romania. Following his doctoral studies in Coastal Engineering at Yokohama National University, Japan, he was awarded several postdoctoral fellowships (DAAD-Germany, NATO-Greece, AUF-Canada) and participated in several academic research programs (TEMPUS and SOCRATES) at universities in Europe (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, UK), Japan, and Canada in the fields of hydraulic and coastal engineering.

Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, Dr. Nistor spent several years as a design and consulting hydraulic engineer with AECOM-TECSULT Montreal, working on various international and Canadian projects related to dam engineering, coastal engineering, environmental engineering, as well as sanitation and water resources development.

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