Current Students:

  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez Galvis (Ph.D.)  Flotation for membrane pretreatment. Jan 2013 -
  • Steve Walker (M.A.Sc.) Impact of the type of pretreatment on the performance of hollow fiber membranes in the treatment of Ottawa River water. Jan 2012 -
  • Bingjie XU (M.A.Sc.) PVDF membrane ultrafiltration modification, Jan 2012

Recent Students:

  • Omar Al-Attas (Ph.D.)  “Competitive adsorption of iron and natural organic matter (NOM) on activated carbon”,September 2012
  • Mohsen Soleimani (M.A.Sc.) “Particle size of Moving Bed Biological Reactors for the Treatment of Wastewater” (Co-supervised with Dr. Delatolla), September 2012
  • Mohamed Abdallah (Ph.D.) “Fuzzy Logic –based control system for bioreactor landfills”, (Co-supervised with Dr. Kennedy, Petriu and Warith), September 2011
  • Niloufar Pezeshk (M.A.Sc.), “Modified PVDF Ultrafiltration Flat-Sheet Membranes For Water Treatment”, September 2008-October 2010.
  • Huyen T. Dang (Ph.D.), “Surface Modifying Macromolecules (SMM) – Incorporated Ultrafiltration Membranes for Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Removal: Characterization and Cleaning“, February 2004- June 2009.
  • Dillon Waterman (M.A.Sc), “Bench-scale Analysis of Ultra-filtration membranes for Investigating Fouling by Natural Organic Matter in Surface Water”, September 2005-June 2008
  • Amy Westgate (M.A.Sc.), “Evaluation Of Novel Polyethersulfone Membranes Incorporating Charged Surface Modifying Macromolecules For The Removal Of Pharmaceuticals And Endocrine Disrupting Compounds From Drinking Water”, September 2006-May 2008
  • Anne-Marie Garand-Sheridan (M.A.Sc.), “Evaluation of Novel Polyethersulfone Membranes Developed Using Charged Surface Modifying Macromolecules For The Removal Of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds And Endocrine Disrupting Compounds From Drinking Water”. May 2006-May 2008.
  • Megan Storrar (M.A.Sc.) “Adsorption and desorption characteristics of natural organic matter in natural waters on granular activated carbon”, September 2003-March 2006
  • Hai Anh Nguyen (M.A.Sc.) Membrane fouling reduction by the incorporation of hydrophilic surface modifying macromolecules in ultrafiltration membrane manufacturing, February 2003-May 2005