Digital Tomography Scanner

Microtomography uses x-rays to create cross-sections of a 3D-object that later can be used to recreate a virtual model without destroying the original model. The term micro-computer tomography (micro-CT) is used to indicate that the pixel sizes of the cross sections are in the micrometer range. This also means that the machine is much smaller in design compared to the human scanning version, and is used to model smaller objects. The scanner setup, the X-ray source and detector are typically stationary during the scan while the sample rotates.

SkyScan Micro-CT

SkyScan Micro-CT Technical Specifications:

- X-ray micro tomography enables imaging and measurement of 2D/3D morphometry throughout entire sample volume, without slicing

- Creates realistic models for virtual travel within the object

- Enables the identification and quantification of geometric features such as pores and voids

- Detail delectability down to 500 nm

- Uses SEM electron beam to generate x-rays

- Can work with conductive and non-conductive samples

- Scanning domain up to 10 nm long and 4 nm in diameter