The Materials Characterisation Laboratory at the University of Ottawa – uOttawa MCL - provides an extensive characterisation service for analysing the composition, structure, and performance of advanced materials and multi-materials systems, covering the complete scale range from nanometer up to component size. Whilst our clients are welcome to attend at all times, our multidisciplinary team originating from the Mechanical Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering departments perform all aspects of the characterisation work from sample selection and preparation, obervation and analysis, and results presentation. This efficient approach frees our clients from having to undertake any training and enables them to dedicate their time where it matters – integrating the results into the development of new materials and products. Our flexibile, itemised hourly-based service enables our clients to proceed with characterisation and analysis as required, at competitive and predicatable costs.

The array of devices and techniques accessible via uOttawa MCL enables the investigation of numerous characteristics for an open0ended list of materials and materials systems including ceramics, polymers, and biological phases found in alloys, composites, coatings, nanostructures, thin films, fibres, wires, MEMS, and others. All analysis work is exclusively condicted by expert holders of PhD in relevant areas.