Adjunct Professor

School of Information Technology and Engineering


-  M. Arar and A. Yongacoglu, “Outage Capacity of a Hybrid MIMO Algorithm that Employs Multiple QR Decompositions” accepted for presentation at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference taking place in Ottawa between Sep.6 and Sep. 9, 2010.

-  M. Arar and A. Yongacoglu, “Parallel Low-Complexity MIMO Detection Algorithm using QR Decomposition and Alamouti Space-Time Code” Proc. European Wireless Conf., Lucca, Italy, April 2010.

- M. Arar, C. D’Amours, A. Yongacoglu, “Simplified LLRs for the Decoding of Single Parity Check Turbo Product Codes Transmitted using 16QAM“, Research Lett. in Commun., vol. 2007, 4 pages, 2007.

-  M. Arar and A. Yongacoglu, “Efficient Detection Algorithm for 2Nx2N MIMO Systems using Alamouti Code and QR Decomposition“, IEEE Commun. Lett., vol. 10, no. 12, pp. 819-821, December 2006.

-  M. Arar, “A Modified Constant Modulus Algorithm Enters the Scene“, Wireless System Design Magazine, pp 35-38, April 2003.

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