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Alumni Personnel

Other former laboratory personnel including co-op students, exchange students and undergrad researchers:
  • M. Lepage (Coop), Shock Wave Induced Spraying for Nuclear Waste Management,  2012
  • A. Vanapali, Shock Wave Induced Spraying, 2012
  • S. Bourdon-Lafleur (Coop), Shock Wave Induced Spraying,  2011
  • M. Lepage (Coop), Shock Wave Induced Spraying,  2011
  • P. Tawagi (Coop), Shock Wave Induced Spraying,  2010
  • A. Andrade (International Exchange), Antifretting Coatings,  2010
  • A. Charest (4th year thesis) Nanocrystalline MCrAlY Coatings for Aeronautics, 2008
  • A. Chenier (Coop) Aluminum Coatings for Aeronautics, 2008
  • E. Pruner  (4th year thesis), P-GDS CoNiCrAlY Bond Coat for Gas Turbines, 2007