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Master’s Alumni

  • S. Baril-Gosselin, Metallic Coatings in Composite Materials, Jan. 2010-  (co-supervised).  PhD Candidate – University of Ottawa
  • J-L. Pelletier, High Performance Heat Exchangers Development, Sept. 2010-  Dec 2012.  Vac Aero
  • M. Bolduc, Aircraft Repair Using Cold Spray Technology, May 2010- Dec 2012
  • T. Samson, Modelling the Effects of Element Doping and Temperature Cycling on the Fracture Toughness of β-NiAl / α-Al2O3 Interfaces in Gas Turbine Engines, Sept. 2010 – Sept. 2012.
  • J-M. Roy, Nanocrystalline Bond Coat Evaluation for Gas Turbine, Sept. 2009-  Sept 2011
  • A. Corbeil,   Study of Small Hydraulic Diameter Media for Heat Exchanger , Sept. 2004- Aug. 2009.  Brayton Energy Canada
  • G. Bérubé,  Metastable Al-based Coatings Produced by CGDS, Jan.2006-Dec 2008.  RCMP
  • K. Taylor,  Development Towards Functionally Graded Titanium and Hydroxyapatite Coatings for Bone Implantation with the use of a Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying System, Jan. 2004-Dec. 2006.  PhD Candidate –  University of Ottawa
  • J. Mondoux, Development of a CGDS System for Parameter Study of Al Coatings, Jan. 2003-Jul.2004
  • A.Sirois,  Étude des coefficients d`échanges d`écoulements supersoniques autour de particules sphériques, May 2000-Sep. 2002.  DRDC Valcartier