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Mamadou Fall picture

Dr. Fall is a Full Professor and the Associate Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering. He was awarded a PhD excellence scholarship for his PhD studies in Germany. Subsequently, he was granted a postdoctoral fellowship by the German Research Foundation and coordinated the German Research Chair of Environmental Geosciences and Geotechnics.

Dr. Fall has been leading several major research projects that are related to mine waste management, underground disposal of nuclear wastes, carbon sequestration, geotechnical hazards induced by climate change, permafrost engineering and engineered landfill technology. Dr. Fall is currently supervising a large research team of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students (PhD and Masters). His team is performing leading edge research in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental fields in close collaboration with the industry, major federal and provincial governmental institutions, and international partners.

Over the years, his research projects have obtained substantial funding from a number of agencies and private companies, and findings of his research group have been used and implemented by the industry, key federal and national agencies, and numerous institutions or organizations worldwide. These research findings and impacts have been recognized by several awards and distinctions as well as have been broadcasted by national and international televisions.

Dr. Fall has been leading or involved in the organization of numerous workshops, seminars, and national and international conferences. He has been repeatedly invited as keynote speaker or lecturer and to participate at various expert committees. He regularly acts as a consultant as well as a reviewer for scientific committees, peer review journals, and funding agencies, at the national and international level.