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May 3 19

Extreme winds on structures can be replicated in the lab

by Elena
Apr 10 12


by Elena

Research Interests:

Wind Effect on Structures

Aerodynamics of Suspension Bridges

Structural Reliability

Probabilistic Structural Dynamics

Computational Wind Engineering

Codification of Extreme Winds


Dr. Dragomirescu received her Civil Engineering Diploma from University of Bucharest, Romania and her M.E.Sc from same University, UNESCO Chair Program. Her Ph.D. was awarded from Yokohama National University, Japan. In 2004 she joined the Department of Civil Engineering of Yokohama National University, Japan as Research Associate and in 2006 she transferred to Nagoya University, Japan, on the same position. She joined the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa in 2008, after achieving a research experience in structural reliability and risk assessment of bridges, wind engineering and CFD simulation techniques. In 2008 (-2010) she was appointed as a member of the Steering Committee for Japanese National Wind Engineering Guidelines.

She was involved in organizing and chairing sessions in several symposiums and conferences and she is affiliated to professional associations as JAWE, JSCE, CSCE, IAWE, also functioning as reviewer for journals in the field of bridge and wind engineering. Along her career she beneficiated of numerous scholarships and awards and she was engaged in several international projects with Ecoland, UNESCO. Her present research consists in developing new methods of predicting the fatigue induced by extreme winds on various structures, considering a probabilistic structural dynamics approach and analysis of aerodynamic formulations for expressing wind-induced vibrations for slender structures. Also, at University of Ottawa she is the coordinator for the International Exchange Program for Students, in the Department of Civil Engineering.