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Current/Recent Teaching Duties

CHG 1125 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals (Winter 2012)

CHG 1525 Principes de base du génie chimique (Hiver 2016)

CHG 2312 Fluid Flow

CHG 2317 Introduction to Chemical Process Analysis and Design (Fall 2012)

CHG 2717 Introduction à l’analyse et la conception des procédés chimiques (Automne 2014)

CHG 3111 Unit Operations

CHG 3335 Process Control

CHG 3337 Data Collection and Interpretation

CHG 3737 Collecte et Interprétation de Données (Automne 2016)

CHG 8157 Strategies for Engineering Process Analysis (Fall 2012)

CHG 4331/8187 Introduction to Polymer Reaction Engineering (Winter 2017)

CHG 8188 Polymer Properties and Characterization (Fall 2005)

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