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Our facilities includes standard polymerization laboratory equipment as well as a Waters gel permeation chromatography setup (with MALLS and viscometry), a TA Instruments Differential Scanning Calorimeter, an Atomic Force Microscope, a rheometer, a Brookhaven Instruments disc centrifuge photosedimentometer, a Rheometrics RDA III Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer and an Instron tester (new model purchased in 2009) equipped for adhesive property testing. We also have access to many other polymer characterization tools, e.g., 1H-NMR spectroscopy. A 5L stainless steel pilot plant reactor and two 1.5 L fully automated LabMax reactors have been installed and are used in conjunction with a ReactIR 1000 mid-infrared in-line probe for monitoring of conversion and polymer composition. A new Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant has been awarded to us and updates on many of the above units are coming soon!