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Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

  • CVG5156 – Finite Element Methods I

Review of basic matrix methods. Structural idealizations. The displacement versus the force method. Stiffness properties of structural elements. Finite elements in beam bending, plane stress and plate bending.

  • CVG5312 – Durability of Concrete Structures

Properties of cementitious materials (constituents of concrete; hydration of cement; structure of hardened concrete; transport processes in concrete); deterioration of concrete (built-in problems; construction defects; cracking; dimensional stability; alkali-aggregate reaction; sulphate attack; corrosion of reinforcing steel; freezing-thawing cycles); (iii) evaluation of concrete structures (inspection; in-situ testing; laboratory testing); (iv) repair and maintenance of concrete (repair materials; repair procedures and techniques; prevention, protection and maintenance); and, (v) durability design (philosophy; modelling of deterioration processes; service life prediction; life-cycle cost analysis.)

Report Writing