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Research Interests

At LEE we are conducting research in the following areas:

Nanostructured electrocatalysts:

  • Ethanol electrooxidation
  • Ammonia electrooxidation
  • Hydrogen evolution reaction
  • Formic acid electrooxidation
  • Reaction kinetics and mechanisms at nanoparticle surfaces

Heterogeneous Catalysis:

  • Well-defined nanoparticles for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) oxidation
  • Carbon dioxide hydrogenation
  • Reverse water gas shift reaction
  • Application of ionically conductive ceramics (doped zirconia, doped ceria, etc.) as active supports
  • Metal-support interaction with conductive supports

Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis (EPOC)

  • Oxidation of carbon monoxide, ethylene, propylene, etc at nanostructured electropromoted catalysts
  • EPOC with highly dispersed nanoparticles
  • Reactor development for  Electrochemical Promotion with nanoparticles
  • Design of catalytic systems in nanometer range and their application to EPOC