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LEE photos

LEE group photo, October 2017. From left to right: Bao, Emily, Christopher, Niloofar, Evans, Yasmine, Mohamed, Rohan, Balaji, Elena. Absent form the photo: Zhihao and Maria

LEE group photo June 2016. From left Maïssa (visiting PhD from Marseille), Raha, Antonio, Yasmine, Evans, Zhihao, Mohamed, Kiran, Ebrahim, Kara, Emily, Elena

LEE group photo, January 2016. From left to right, first row: Holly Dole, Yasmine Hajar, Dr. Elena Baranova, Evans Monyoncho, Raha Einakchi. Second row: Abdulgadir Ahmed, Janie Amyot, Mohamed Houache, Kiran Patel, Kasra Hosseini. Absent from the picture: Maria Abbassi

May 2015. From left to right: Dr. Julio Cesar Martins da Silva, Holly Dole, Evans Monyoncho, Dr. Elena Baranova, Vishwanathan Rajaraman, Raha Einakchi

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