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LEE group photo, October 2017. From left to right: Bao, Emily, Christopher, Niloofar, Evans, Yasmine, Mohamed, Rohan, Balaji, Elena. Absent form the photo: Zhihao and Maria


We are interested in the fundamental and applied aspects of electrochemistry, electrocatalysis and heterogeneous catalysis. Projects at LEE are related to the electrocatalysis of small organic and inorganic molecules for direct oxidation fuel cells and hydrogen production by water electrolysis. We are experts in well-defined nanostrucutred heterogeneous catalysis  for  oxidation of volatile organic compounds (CO, ethylene, propylene, toluene, etc.), carbon dioxide hydrogenation and reverse water gas shift reaction (RWGS).

Our expertise is in the field of nanostructured materials, including nanomaterials synthesis, characterization and application to renewable energy and clean technologies.

Electrocatalysis: Ethanol, Ammonia and Formic Acid electrooxidation, Hydrogen evolution reaction.

Heterogeneous Catalysis: Nanoparticles for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) oxidation; reverse water gas shift (RWGS); Application of ionically conductive ceramics (doped zirconia, doped ceria, etc.) as active supports.

Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis (EPOC): EPOC with highly dispersed nanoparticles; Relationship between EPOC and metal support interaction (MSI).